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MENDETZ was created in Barcelona in 2003. They are a group of friends with similar musical taste who enjoy playing and trying new things in the recording studio. They define themselves as “artisans of the robotic” and they like to find and exploit to the maximum the human side of Electronic music. After their success in the “underground demo scene”, they published their first album in 2006, Mendetz (Sinnamon Records) and toured for two years in a row (doing more than 100 gigs) with great acclaim from the critics (both Spanish and foreign-“band of the day” The Guardian) and the public; playing in Spain’s main festivals such as Summercase, Creamfields, BAM, Metrorock, Sonorama and even leaving the country to play in England, Italy and Mexico In 2010 they reedited their second album, Souvenir, with MusicBus / Warner Music Spain, a deep album with nuances, layers, colours, textures, neon lights, beaches and souvenir t-shirts, recalling openly the most fluorescent vein and eighties disco, paying tribute in a sincere, mature and well thought way. Souvenir is the answer to everything aforementioned, an LP that puts Mendetz  where they belong, the top of Spain’s dance scene, and this is thanks to several hard working months in their home studio and a subsequent trip to París where they recorded with the producer of Phoenix. Souvenir also incluyes the successful “mendetzian” version of the dance classic “Freed from Desire”, by Gala, an exclusive tune recorded for PEACE, the charity Project of Buffetlibre with Amnesty International.
  WHAT THE PRESS HAS SAID: The Electronic fireworks leave space to more Essentials styles like the funk pulse that they really do excellently in this album. (…) There’s a sense that we are in front of hiperambition and hunger and that they can do it all. (…) Musically, the group’s attitude works turbocharged. This is their definite launching CD. Esteban Linés, La Vanguardia The fuckers are so good! They are good mixing the impossible with the good taste that is assumed by other people but that it takes a hell of a lot to demonstrate, These guys are a dancing cocktail machine that makes you feel exhausted while they evoke some of their musical colleagues like the Faint (Cholula Cream) with big guitar riffs that Steve Lukather from Toto would sign (Flashback). The “italo disco” (no fucking idea what it is but my work colleagues told me about it and itt sounds great!) more than evident recalls to Justice (“Souvenir”) and heaps of hedonism, debauchery and a “we’re gonna do whatever the hell we want” attitude that I can only admire. The result: The LP sounds great (mixed by Stéphane Briat “Alf” who previously worked with Air and Phoenix) and has nothing to envy to other similar products that arrive to us from foreign countries. In fact, I am thinking about starting a campaign to hopefully see them in the next Primavera Sound at the same time that “Simian Mobile Disco” “played” this year and we would see who is better., Don Disturbios, MondoSonoro (…) There’s a sense that they had fun recording this album, that they’ve investigated more and have flirted with new instruments and why not, that they’ve gone even more off the wall. Botino’s Beach, Wolfdance and Souvenir are great, but what’s wicked is the huge amount of good feel lyrics. Though not all of them are such hits. In Cholula Cream, they doubt, get bored and remember the great times they had in Mexico.Melancholy apart, Souvenir is a happy album where they Gump their shit in one line and they decide to dance in the next and they are unbeatable at doing it. 40 from desire”, tema versionado en los repertorios de directo de Mendetz. “Escalera” es la historia de un bonito sueño hecho realidad.  


STEFANO MACCARRONE (voice, guitar, synthesizer) JAN MARTí (voice, synthesizer) ORIOL FRANCISCO (Bass, Guitar) ROBERT GIBIAQUI (drums)  




MENDETZ – Laudrup // Live Razzmatazz 2015


Mendetz & Najwa – Phantotheque (Official Video – HD)




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Mendetz’s Web Mendetz’s Facebook Mendetz’s Twitter Mendetz’s MySpacez Mendetz’s Youtube  

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