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LOVE OF LESBIAN started to perform in 1998 in Barcelona after their participation in a number of competitions where they achieved second place in a music magazine called “Routa 66”. Their first album released in English, named MICROSCOPIC MOVIES. It caused great impulse when Robert Smith (The Cure) offered them the opening for the tour “Blood Flowers”.
In 2001, they released their second album edited in English IS IT FICTION? By 2003, they had switched to the French label Naïve and their first album in Spanish UNGRAVITY was put on the market. They had created a repertory of fresh and charming pop music which included songs like MACBA GIRL. As a result they started performing at the most famous festivals all over the country and they were suddenly considered to be one of the most relevant national pop music groups.
In 2005, MANIOBRAS DE ESCAPISMO is released. That should be the first album entirely recorded with Spanish songs. Outstanding compositions are “Domingo astromántico” and “Cartas a todas tus catástrofes”. The album got incredible reviews from the most prestigious media throughout the country and was chosen to be one the best productions of the year. Its name appeared on the posters of FIB 2005 as well as on POPKOMN Berlin of the same year. After nearly a decade following their track, CUENTOS CHINOS PARA NIÑOS DEL JAPÓN, is released in 2007 which brings them one step closer to perfection.
In 2009, LOVE OF LESBIAN achieved their definite breakthrough. Then they signed contract with the independent disco label MANAGEMENT Y BOOKING Music Bus. There they edited the album “1999” and obtained their first Gold and Platinum Record. “1999” could be compared to a piece of art where every little detail is taken care of. Every image is being pampered individually without losing out of sight the totality. In that moment LYONA enters collaborating and assuming responsibility for the entire graphic execution of the album as well as for all promotional video clips (except one done by Rafael de los Arcos). Two and a half years on tour makes them famous within the national Indie Pop music scene and provides them with unique experiences like the one during the concert TENEMOS UN GRUPAZO (Love Of Lesbian buscan 1999 guitarras). Due to the experiences of the four closing concerts of that tour, one given in Joy Slava in Madrid and three in Razzmatazz in Barcelona, the idea for a double DVD “últimos días de 1999” was born. It contains one of the live concerts in Sala Razzmatazz, all of the promotional videos, dos documentaries and a single version of “Club de fans de John Boy”, an entire live recording.
After their successful tour “1999” which lasted two years, they performed 150 times and traveled over a 150.000 km. The band members based their new album on those experiences named LA NOCHE ETERNALOS DÍAS NO VIVIDOS, a double album talking about their new reality. The first one -LA NOCHE ETERNA talks about all kind of outraging incidents only possible during nightlife, performances abroad, emotional experiences and different cultures. The second album – LOS DÍAS NO VIVIDOS describes all the things you have to renounce in order to live the experience of the first part.
They initiated an even longer tour which lasted three years. During two years they perform all over the country and went to Mexiko City. Up to the present they have been there five times. They performed twice in Argentina and concerts were given in Colombia and Chile.
In 2015, no concerts were given in Spain. The group members wanted to dedicate as much time as possible in their new projects. One will be a new CD, released by beginning of 2016. Another part is the creation of the soundtrack for a cartoon. Efimera from Red Bull is another one designed for museums where you’ll be listening to an inedited song while watching a video 360º. The participant will live this unique experience individually being introduced in a capsule.




Complete recordings:
1999 Microscopic Movies Is it Fiction? 2003 Ungravity – Naïve 2005 Maniobras de escapism – Naïve 2007 Cuentos chinos para niños del Japón – Naïve 2009 1999 (o cómo generar incendios de nieve con una lupa enfocando la Luna) – MUSIC BUS 2012 LA NOCHE ETERNA – LOS DÍAS NO VIVIDOS (DOUBLE CD) – MUSIC BUS 2010 CLUB DE FANS DE JOHN BOY (VYNIL – 4 REMIX) 2011 ÚLTIMOS DÍAS DE 1999 (CD+2DVDs) 2012 LA NOCHE ETERNA – LOS DÍAS NO VIVIDOS (DOUBLE CD)






Love of Lesbian – Fantastic Shine

Love of Lesbian – Wio


Love of Lesbian – Si Tú Me Dices Ben, Yo Digo Affleck


Love of Lesbian – Oniria e Insomnia



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